Unfold  is a documentary project by photographer Brett William. It will be available in print early 2019.

Unfold is a documentary project by photographer Brett William. It will be available in print early 2019.


Life is what’s happening while you’re making other plans.

— John Lennon


Who are we as our lives unfold? Not as we package or present them, but as they actually are. Who are we right now, in this moment in time in our lives?

Unfold is a human portrait and conversations journal that points the lens at life as it is - the space between who we were and who we aim to become. Part documentary, part art, part ethnography, it aims to capture the diversity and range of our human experiences, meeting each person where they are. It is a contemplation on the landscapes of how we live, what we create, what we struggle with, and the expression of our aliveness.

“I’ve seen a glimpse and this is magic. It’s what happens when you don’t see your fellow humans as outsiders but as traveling companions, future playmates, and teachers. When you believe everyone that crosses your path has the ability to move you in some way, and you are fully open to that, they will. Brett is humbly making himself the vessel for this experience. Once you see/feel what’s happening here, you’ll be hooked. You will want to allow and embrace the unfolding in your own life. It will change you.”

— Sonia Farris, mother, entrepreneur

I love that you are leading a project about knowing nothing and experiencing everything.

— Marnie Mazzola, mother and friend

I adore this. Unfold does not find the stories it shares; the stories find Unfold.

— Chris Colbert, Managing Director Harvard Innovation

“It is rare to find someone, who sees with such clarity and equanimity, willing to put his heart and talent on the line to help us see ourselves in all our haphazard and glorious colors. The name of the project itself only hints at the widening possibilities of his vision. That vision reaches beyond mere chronicle to fan the essential spark.”

— Nancy Fletcher, Founder of ACT NOW! Inc, a non-profit empowering youth through improvised movie-making