Connect. Get away to Western, Massachusetts

The Pioneer Valley.

The Happy Valley.

The Vortex.

I believe in living in both body + spirit. It’s key to an artful and rich life experience.

I kept hearing it, then kept experiencing it. Western Massachusetts is special. Call it what you want, but there’s magic here. It’s creative, free-spirited, openhearted and connected. It’s an hour to the Berkshires, less than a half hour to MG Grand Casino. Only miles to mountain hikes, feet to trails, short walks or drives to coffee and food. Even a stones throw to Emily Dickenson’s place. Ten minutes to an arcade bar with packman and dig dug. Yup. Three stones to one of two state dispensaries should you feel the need to medicate and connect. A ancient bookstore on a river with a cafe you’ll spend all your money at. Live music everywhere. Youthful energy, even among the most senior.

I moved here in November and fell in love. With the people, with the landscape, with the proximity. But now, my new project, Unfold is taking off. This puts me, as a documentary photographer and publisher, on the road most of the year. But damn, I call this home now. So I asked, what could I do with this quiet little space in such a special spot? I’ve decided to privately “airbnb” it. This means, it is open to those who know me. Just reach out, tell me when you want it, and we’ll figure it out - it’s very likely I am not there.

So a day or two getaway? A week retreat? A sabbatical? Talk to me, this is the place!

Walk out the back door and onto eighty acres of conservation land, trails (the Metacomet-Monadnock  trail) and peace. And quiet. Head to Pusher Pond and the river trails. Drive farmlands and watch starling murmurations, get coffee where amazing humans commune every damn day. Listen to the wind, watch the stars, meet people. Stay secluded. You choose.

Stay here, get away, and help me with my project.

Id like to keep calling this home. I also want to support this humanities project, with your help. So here is what you can do at any time throughout the year. Stay here. Contribute $100 a might and it’s yours.

Art, spirit, connection

Vaulted ceiling living space
Lots of books!
HOT shower
Washer + Dryer in unit
Quaint kitchen with all modern appliances
Bluetooth Tivoli sound system
Walkable trails
Five minutes to Cushman Cafe and general store (you will LOVE)
Ten minutes to the center of Amherst/Umass - restaurants, bars, movie theater, etc
15 minutes to Hadley and 20 to Northhampton
Montague bookmill - book store, cafe on the river
Yoga mats and meditation space
Peace Pagoda
Connecticut River
Live music
Quabbin Resevoir

IMG_3324 (2).JPG